5 Things You Need to Know About HonorVet.org

1.We are still in development!

HonorVet.org is building a Next Generation Community for Veterans that is dedicated to creating a safe and trusted environment for Veterans, Service Members and their loved ones. Think of it like "Wikipedia meets LinkedIn" - with an array of services on top dedicated to enhancing their overall well being.

We are currently raising capital to complete the Web platform and launch our HonorVet.org organization with a sustainable business model that will enable us serve Veterans and Military Families with measurable impact today and for generations to come.

2. We are building an innovative and ambitious Web 2.0 + Mobile Platform

There are over 400,000 Web sites and myriad government programs dedicated to Veterans. Yet none have proven effective in solving the numerous challenges our returning soldiers, veterans and their families face.

HonorVet is building a WEB 2.0 + Mobile PLATFORM to leverage and empower two massively underutilized assets available in America today:

1.The Veteran & Military Family Community. HonorVet will give this community - strong in leadership skills, strong work ethics, integrity and teamwork - the tools to organize and empower themselves and each other.

2. The American People. HonorVet will answer the question: "What can I do to help?" We will provide a Web + Mobile platform that enables caring people to give their time and expertise easily from their office, home or on the go wherever they may be.

3. We Have a Unique, Holistic Approach

HonorVet is implementing a unique Holistic approach, providing information, guidance, coaching and professional services across four key areas of challenge:

  1. Employment & Career Assistance
  2. Mental & Emotional Health
  3. Spiritual Needs
  4. Health & Wellness

HonorVet.org is working with experts in a variety of fields to design, plan and then develop custom support systems, leverage existing resources and organize information across a wide spectrum of expertise so that our members have a one-stop shop for trusted support, benefits and friendship. We are leveraging the mediums that connect to this new generation - the Web, Mobile and Social Media - but also speak to and offer help across entire community of American Veterans and their families.

4. We were founded by Veterans for Veterans

HonorVet.org was co-founded by two Marines, Jim McCain and Jesse Canella, who served together in the Al Anbar Province in Iraq. Like so many other of America's young veterans returning from the Afghan and Iraq wars, they found that transition back to civilian life to be very difficult. Beyond mental health issues such as PTSD, many Veterans simply have = a hard time re-focusing their lives on civilian careers, translating and presenting their skills to employers, and getting themselves on a healthy track of diet, health, wellness and spiritual sustenance without the structure that military life provides.

All of these issues contribute greatly to today's inordinately high rates of unemployment, depression and suicide that are afflicting America's very best citizens. Jesse and Jim went through these trials themselves and continue to see friends who made it through the toughest battle zones succumb to this hidden battle at home.

They decided to do something about it: they founded HonorVet.org.

5. We Need Your Help

To complete the mission and vision of HonorVet.org we need your help. There are two things you can do that will have direct and immediate impact:

1. Donate We need funding to complete the Web and mobile platforms and provide the organizational support for the community and services.

2. Volunteer! Our current active services are in the area of Careers & Employment. If you can help Veterans with their transition to civilian jobs and careers in any way, we need you!  Please Contact Us.

Finally, most importantly, thank you for reading these pages in the first place - and caring!

We look forward to hearing from you one way or another - and wish to honor your visit.

On behalf of HonorVet.org and all those we seek to help, please accept our thanks and gratitude for your support.

Semper Fi.

Jim McCain

Jesse Canella