HonorVet Today

We are starting with an initial focus on Employment and Careers. We are doing this for several reasons.

  • With over 21% of Veterans unemployed, this is an urgent priority.
  • There are many immediate and concrete ways that our volunteers and corporate partners can help address this challenge.
  • It is a good initial model for launching and refining our technology platform, our volunteer onboarding and management process, and delivering measurable results to members.

But getting a Veteran a job is not good enough. We are committed to providing the support - before, during and after that first job - that will help our members select, plan and successfully pursue a career.

HonorVet Tomorrow

While a job is a crucial first step and careers are a path to financial stability, success and satisfaction, they are not enough on their own.

At HonorVet, we believe that you must help the whole person. The challenges facing many Veterans are multi-fold and interrelated, and cannot be surmounted independently. Massive resources have been thrown at different programs to improve the Veteran unemployment rate, addressing PTSD, suicides, homelessness and the other problems we have faced, but so far with little effect.

The 4 Quadrants of Success

HonorVet's vision is based on a unique Holistic approach, providing information, guidance, coaching and eventually professional services across four key areas of challenge:

  • Mental & Emotional Health
  • Spiritual Needs
  • Employment & Career Assistance
  • Health & Wellness

We call these the 4 Quadrants of Success.

HonorVet.org is working with experts in a variety of fields to design, plan and then develop custom support systems, leverage existing resources and organize information across a wide spectrum of expertise so that our members have a one-stop shop for trusted support, benefits and friendship. We are leveraging the mediums that connect to this new generation - the Web, Mobile and Social Media - but also speak to and offer help across entire community of American Veterans and their families.

You Can Be Part of the Solution

We cannot accomplish any of this alone. The platform we are building is designed to leverage and empower two massively underutilized assets available in America today


Our community is filled with leadership skills, strong work ethics, integrity and teamwork. HonorVet is dedicated to providing the tools to organize and empower ourselves and each other.  Please contact us if:

  1. you need help now in your employment and career opportunities; or  
  2. you want to help in realizing the broader vision of HonorVet


We want to answer the question: What can I do to help?  Today, if you are an organization or individual interested in providing opportunities and/or support to Veterans in their employment and careers, we put that to work immediately.

As we go forward, HonorVet is building a platform where people can give their time and expertise easily from their office, home or even on the go.

 If you can help, please donate, volunteer or spread the word! Together, we can and will ensure that all Veterans not only survive, but thrive in their lives after service.