NEW YORK, NEW YORK  – March 1st, 2016 – US military non-profit ‘,’ and UK military campaign ‘The Grand Day Out,’ are joining forces today to enable military veterans and wounded service members from the United States and the United Kingdom to come together to create a new global network that supports military members injured in battle and veterans struggling to assimilate back into life back home.


The challenges facing the world’s military in the 21st century have become many and varied, from a new level of terrorist threat launched by the 9/11 attacks, Iraqi Freedom and Afghanistan to the ISIS attacks across Europe, alongside civil unrest in the Middle East.


From the battles of Fallujah and Ramadi in the Al Anbar Province of Iraq to the ferocious fighting in the Helmand Province of Afghanistan, forces from the US and UK have been tenaciously fighting side-by-side against a common enemy. However, the toll from these battles is also becoming greater - counted in missing limbs, rising suicide rates, and a staggering increase in traumatic brain injuries caused by devastating roadside bombs. Advances in medicine have also enabled many who may have suffered fatal injuries in the past to have their lives saved, but they return home still requiring considerable mental and physical support.


Recognizing the need to once again fight side-by-side for a common cause, and ‘The Grand Day Out’ have joined arms as a ‘force for good’ to fight against the challenges veterans face when they return back home. This new joint mission is focused on bringing both countries together to share information about best practices, leverage technology to create shared programs that enable better care and support, and to promote cross-Atlantic camaraderie by highlighting heroism displayed by members of both forces through battle and recovery.


‘The Grand Day Out’ Founder, Major (Retd) Tim Grantham stated, “There are great charities out there who do a fantastic job, but there are still significant gaps in the support available to injured men and women and their families. We launched The Grand Day Out in 2010 to encourage injured servicemen and women to come together, share their experiences and realize the public support that exists. Last year US Marine Jesse Canella and US Navy medic Ken Swartz joined us at The Open in St. Andrews, Scotland and that has led to the creation of a new partnership to help our Forces in the UK and US.”


“Every day 22 more veterans commit suicide in the US, rising numbers of veterans fall into homelessness, and millions more struggle with the reality of a new challenge – returning home to a difficult job market and a backlogged health care system that is often found to be fractured and antiquated,” said CEO, Jesse Canella, a US Marine & Operation Iraqi Freedom veteran. “ All these realities are not only faced by our veterans, but also by our counterparts in the UK. This partnership with the Grand Day Out is critical to ensure we continue to work together outside of these conflicts abroad so that our veterans are prepared and successful in their transition back home. The notion that collaboration and innovation are paramount when it comes to creating meaningful programs – not only this generation, but also the next - is the catalyst for this much needed partnership”