HonorVet collaborated with an anonymous donor and The Celebrate Freedom Foundation to donate a house to severely wounded Afghanistan Veteran in March 2013.

The City of Giddings and the Giddings Area Chamber of Commerce presented US Marine Corporal Sean Friedrich and his wife Anna with their brand new home at 11:00am on March 2nd at a special ceremony that included representatives from HonorVet.org and The Celebrate Freedom Foundation.  The home then underwent  three and a half months of renovations to be made handicap accessible for Corporal Friedrich, who was severely wounded by multiple IED’s (Improvised Explosive Devices) while serving in Afghanistan

The legal work to prepare the home for donation was provided by the Law Offices of Thomas G. Amon in New York City with special recognition to Peter Patterson, Esq. who researched and drafted the necessary contracts to insure compliance with the IRS regulations governing charitable donations.  The legal work associated with house closing was donated by Kevin Mutscher, Esq. of Betts Walters & Mutscher, located in Brenham TX.  Through the generosity of those who live and work in Giddings, numerous upgrades to the home were made possible. They include a new roof, plumbing, lighting, furniture and more. The community has been very blessed to have this project and the results have been truly amazing.

Mayor Charlie Brown of Giddings said, “We are honored to welcome the Friedrichs into their new home here in Giddings, Texas. I am so proud of our entire community for their commitment to support our brave veterans. I hope that we as a community can inspire others across the country to do the same."

Donations continue to be accepted to help offset some of the costs. Fischer Langham Custom Builders, based out of Giddings, functioned as project manager for the home renovation. The local Boy Scouts have stepped forward and offered to maintain the Friedrich’s lawn and surrounding landscape.

HonorVet and The Celebrate Freedom Foundation have created a unique model that will allow for follow-on properties to be donated to worthy veterans and their families. It is the hope of all involved that this project, while the first of its kind, will inspire others to donate homes across the State of Texas.  It is their hope that banks – which today have hundreds if not thousands of foreclosed properties depreciating on their books will take advantage of this unique opportunity to help our veterans while gaining much – needed community support.

This donation and the people of Giddings, Texas have created the gold standard by which other communities can model their volunteer efforts toward similar projects. The town of Giddings whose volunteerism and support has provided the Friedrichs with not just a house, but a home and a welcoming community.

Special thanks to all who continue to dedicate time and resources to the project but especially Brian Fischer and Tim Langham, owners of Fischer Langham Custom Home, and Ms. Betty Walker for donating the home to HonorVet.